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Natural split slate


Natural split slate by Cuneo Angiolino & C.  is, like all unique natural products, a very precious thing.

The fine irregularity of its surface speaks of strength and tradition and makes it the perfect material for roofing, internal and external paving,  fireplaces or indeed any design features. The beauty of our slate lies in the fact that it can be hand split into  resistant slabs only 5mm thick.

This makes it possible to create one-off objects or standard tiles of various sizes 40x40cm, 30x30cm 50x50cm 30x15 cm 40x20.

This material can be used alone or combined  with other natural materials such as marble or teak.

Equally, it can  be combined with spectacular results, with high tech, modern materials such as stainless steel.

However it is used, natural split slate is guaranteed to create impact because of its timeless beauty and simplicity which have been lying, waiting to be discovered for millions of years.